I notice things – little details and big ones. I read people’s expressions. I try to be one step ahead.

Maybe it comes from teaching preschool for so many years.

With three-year-olds, it helps to think things through and be ahead of the game. Seriously, preschoolers are great life coaches.


But lately I’ve realized that I don’t want to be in charge.

More to the point, I’m not in charge of anything or anyone other than myself. Truth be told, that’s always been the case.

I just didn’t recognize it.

Or want to acknowledge it.

There is a false headiness that comes with thinking that maybe you’re in charge of everything.

And there is also a ton of pressure.

Pressure that I don’t want anymore.

Events in the pasture this summer have elegantly illustrated this for me.

You may recall that Pepper was taken away from the Herd of Oldsters when Beau/Fred cut her out to be in his harem.

It made me mad. Really mad.

I worried about Pepper.

I worried about Bud.

I didn’t like Beau/Fred at all.

And off and on for most of the summer I was stirred up.




Because I couldn’t change this. Oh, I briefly considered moving our animals to another boarding facility. But I knew it wouldn’t be in their best interests. This is their home and their friends. It was nothing more than a random thought.

I knew better. Honestly I did!

Fast forward to the middle of October.

Pepper isn’t so interested in Fred, and he is definitely not as interested in her.

The big drama is gone.

Miss P. is back hanging out with her homeboys much of the time.

When we pull up to the gate to feed, the five Oldsters greet us.

Just like old times.


My takeaway lesson? I have several:

  • It’s perfectly all right to not be in charge. In fact it feels good to let go.
  • Animals (and people) will work things out when you let them.
  • The only life I can really change is my own.

So there you have it – my big “aha moment.” Seems like I’ve been down this road before. Life has this sneaky way of giving us opportunities to learn the things we need to learn.

Here’s hoping I’ve finally got this one!

How about you? Any big aha moments lately?