I’ve been reading about gratitude again. How focusing on the things for which you’re grateful, brings more things to put on your gratitude list.

In other words, gratitude begets gratitude.

Or put yet another way, what you focus on expands.

I like that.

It comforts me, though sometimes I forget.

We humans seem to be hardwired to focus on the negative especially in tough times.

But that’s when we need to do just the opposite.

Accentuate the positive, as the old song goes.

So here goes…

My daily trip to feed our two old sweeties makes me grateful today for these things:

  1. I’m outside and away from my computer and all things electronic.
  2. I get to interact with the elements and remember what it feels like to have wind in my hair or snow on my face, or grasshoppers in my shoes.
  3. I see awe-inspiring sights like the sunset the other evening that took my breath.
  4. I have horse friends that greet me every time I see them.
  5. Being outdoors with my horses connects me to the wildness I so often crave.

Now it’s your turn.

Tell me one thing that today, this very minute you feel grateful for.

Thank you!