Wednesdays with Mija

There I’ve said it. I don’t like things in my life to change. I count on my life being predictable.

I like that.

I need predictability.

It makes me feel safe. And happy.

Here it is almost the end of September, and what’s happening?

The weather is getting cooler.

Not happy.

No, not at all.

You see, I love to sit at the edge of the sliding glass doors that open onto the deck and feel the warm summer air on my face. When the urge strikes, I meander outside for a drink of my special alfresco water, sit and ponder the state of the world as I gaze out at the garden.

Love that.

Lately  my people want the doors closed in the evening.  They’re getting chilly. This disrupts my routine.


I’ve suggested that they bundle up with sweaters, or even coats if need be, but they’ve vetoed the idea.

Which leaves me with no alternative but to meow loudly every time I want to go out for a drink of water, or to ponder.

They get up, let me out, grumble a bit and close the door.

Then I must meow again when I’m ready to come back inside.

Up they get, walk to the door, grumble some more and let me in.

Ten minutes later, we do it again.

And then again.

Depending on how late they stay up, we can do this dance many times in an evening.

Seems to me putting on a sweater is a much easier plan…


How do you handle change in your life?

With grace or grumbling?

Happy Wednesday!