Pepper's back

Okay, I’ve had it with Fred. I’ve tried to like him, but the honest truth is, I don’t.

Don’t like him one bit.

He’s an aggressive bully. Other horse “parents” agree with me. Seems they’ve run into problems with him being pushy at the gate or trying to dominate their horses.

Yes, I know we’re talking horses and not children at daycare.

Life in the pasture and all that.

But these are my babies nonetheless, and I’ve worried about them all summer since Fred came on the scene.

So the latest insult is that Pepper’s back is scarred up from Fred’s insistence to “do the deed” with her. She’s twenty-nine years old, has big old arthritic hocks and is in pain most of the time. Frankly his drive to procreate is making me mad. Especially when he has any number of young mares in the herd. I’ve taken to calling him “Pimp Daddy” which I know isn’t very nice.

Pepper doesn’t seem like the same mare that she was BF (before Fred). She’s lost the sparkle in her eye and the sense of calm that used to surround her. Well – calm with her own brand of attitude.

She’ll hang out with her old friends at the gate waiting to be fed. Afterwards she seems a bit lost, and eventually makes her way back to Fred’s herd.

I want her to ditch this guy.

Slam the door in his face.

Tell him adios.

She doesn’t have to be a mindless automaton. A geriatric love slave to a young and inexperienced GELDING. Something by the way I think he’s forgotten.

I know I’m getting worked up over this. Sorry for the rant.

It’s just that for horses and humans, there are times when quite simply, love bites!