Bud and Pepper are big on celebrating holidays, and today is a very special day – Talk Like a Pirate Day. Our good friend Pete reminded us of the exact date!

You might think horses have no sense of humor, though you’d be wrong. Our two old sweeties can be quite the comedians. Today in the spirit of total fun and silliness, Bud and Pepper offer you their best pirate lingo for the pasture.

From Bud:

  • Shiver me timbers, is that the hay wagon I spy?
  • Arrr! Get that bilge rat out of me sight.
  • Toss those hay cubes to me smartly me lass.
  • Avast me proud beauty! Leave that scum bucket and return to your true home.
  • Drink up me hearties, there’s more grog where that came from.
From Pepper:
  • Don’t even think about calling me your proud beauty!
  • Clear a path for me, and step to it mateys.
  • Ahoy you salty pasture dog.
  • Arrr! Get me a hay cube or you’ll walk the plank.
  • You’ll not be gettin’ your filthy hands on me booty.
Try it yourself.
Don’t let today be another ho hum day. Join Bud and Pepper and thousands of folks around the world and talk like a pirate.
Aye Aye Cap’n!
P.S. Leave a comment below with your favorite pirate phrase. Bud and Pepper are always looking for more material.