I’ve been fascinated by dragonflies since I was a little girl. They’ve always seemed like tiny magical beings to me. I love their iridescent wings and shiny colorful bodies.

Last evening when we were in the pasture with our two old sweeties, I was thrilled to see the dragonfly in this photo perched on the fence. I hurried to get my camera, thinking I’d never be able to actually get the shot. But no, this little guy stayed in place long enough for me to take several photos.

Thank you dragonfly!

I’m not alone in my attraction to dragonflies. The Plains Indians of North America have mythology about them, as do some Asian cultures.

Here’s a short list of symbolism associated with these amazing insects:

  • Change
  • Maturity and depth of character
  • Elegance
  • Power and poise
  • Defeat of self created illusions
  • Living in the moment

These are powerful attributes for such a small being.

I’m no dragonfly expert. What I do know is that each time I come in contact with one of these strong-winged insects, my heart does a flippity flop in my chest and I feel a sense of excitement, as if I’ve been invited between the worlds of magic and reality.

When I searched online for information about dragonfly symbolism, I found this from an author called “the herbivore hippi:”

“The most popular answer of dragonfly symbolism is the sense of self that comes with maturity…. Dragonflies are a creature that you learn to appreciate as you age and look more deeply at your life, which is where the link to change and self- appreciation comes in. As we age we don’t just see the surface of things, we start to pick apart our lives and see more meaning in things. No matter what symbol you see in the insect, the fact is that the dragonfly lives a short life and lives it’s life to the fullest which is the strongest lesson we can learn from them overall.”

Maybe my stage of life explains my enchantment today. But when I was a girl, I think I just loved the mystery and magic of such beautiful creatures.

What do you think about dragonflies?

Mysterious and magical, or not?