We’ve had company this week – wonderful, glorious guests to remind me of the things that truly matter in the world.


I’ve always been one to say that for me people matter more than things. Years ago I second-guessed myself, wondering if perhaps I only thought that because I didn’t have many things.

Crazy isn’t it how human service professionals are among the lowest paid and often do some of the most important work for society?

Okay, a topic for another time.

But really, I’ve always been a people person.

I believe that no matter how many “things” I have, the people I love will always be first on my priority list.

And in my heart.

We’ve spent the past few days with a toddler (and his parents of course!). Aside from the fact that I’m re-learning why women my age don’t have babies, it’s been a fabulous experience.

I watch him try and try and try again when learning something new. This week it’s been jumping. He’s jumped until his little legs were exhausted. It didn’t matter. He’d keep on jumping until an adult finally redirected him. Then a few hours later – back to jumping. He’s jumped off curbs and stairs, and on carpet and grass – sometimes making the adults around him suck in a sharp breath of fear.

But he is fearless.

And focused.

It made me wonder where that focus and determination goes in adults. It seems that so many of us want something different – say to lose weight or stop smoking or find a different job or ….

We want it right now.

Right away.

But are we out there practicing our jumps until our legs shake?

Not usually.

We could learn a thing or two about success from the determined toddlers in our midst.