Since several of you have inquired, I decided that today was a good day to give you an update. And yes, you can tell from the accompanying photo, Miss Pepper and Beau are still, shall we say, seeing each other. It isn’t nearly as frantic as it was earlier this summer, or as intense.


Sometimes they hang out together, and sometimes they don’t. We’ve learned that Beau’s real name is Fred. I’m not sure how we got that wrong, but we did. So, Fred has continued to add to his harem of mares. He’s not as demanding, perhaps because he has a LOT of women to tend. That can’t be easy!


When I bring Pepper in for her dinner, Beau/Fred scarcely notices. Doesn’t even raise his head. “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he seems to say in horse body language.


We also learned that his very best friend, a cute little Quarter Horse mare is back in the pasture. She’d gotten hurt and was in the barn for a couple of months healing. She looks a bit like Pepper, and in my fantasy world, I think Beau/Fred chose Pepper because she reminded him of his true girlfriend. Now that she’s back, they are inseparable.


The bachelors aren’t as afraid of Beau/Fred. In fact they all graze in the same general vicinity much of the time. And sometimes, Pepper hangs with her old homeboys. That’s when we really smile.


So it has worked out. You probably knew it would. High drama for a month or so, and now life has calmed. We’re all breathing easier. Isn’t that how so many events in life go? You’d think I’d be better at trusting. I guess in a small way, I am.

And I keep having mini lessons, just so I’ll really get it.

Gee, thanks!