“Change is the only constant.” 


Photo credit: Jean McBride

I’ve had this quotation echoing in my head for years, though I hadn’t looked up who said it until recently.

Turns out it was Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, 535 BC – 475 BC.

Why ancient Greek philosophers reside in my head is another story entirely – one I may not be able to answer just yet, though it probably has something to do with Callie Mistead, my high school English literature teacher, or Miss Drake, my venerable Latin instructor.

Let me say I had to reach a little to remember those names!

I’ve been working on scrapbook pages for one of our friends. I first met this amazing young woman the day she was born, and it has been my privilege and pleasure to share her life every day since.


Well, somewhere between then and now, she grew up.

She’s heading off to college this week and I simply can’t wrap my head around it. Or maybe it’s my heart that’s having the problem. That’s when good old Heraclitus began whispering to me about change. And in case you’re thinking I’m slipping, let me reassure you, I know things change.

I just don’t always like it.

I’m happy for her moving to the next wonderful part of her life. Really I am.

But there is something about looking at photographs that’s bittersweet. My sister says that reminiscing is something we do “at this age.” If you know her, that would be especially humorous. But in a way, she’s right. I was reminiscing.


One summer we had a weekly date with our now-grown-up friend. She wanted time with the horses, and we wanted time with her. We’d pick her up, head out to the pasture for a couple of hours, and then have lunch at the bagel shop. It became a routine and was an especially sweet time for all of us. The horses got a huge dose of pampering; we soaked up healing horse energy; and had so much fun together.


Now off she goes, across the country to make her way in the world.

Here’s my advice to her:

  • Have fun
  • Be true to yourself
  • Do your best
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Know that we love you
  • Don’t forget to write

Darn that change anyway…