Taking care of horses is a lot like raising children. There’s always something else to pay for. Some of my friends have longingly commented that they’d love to have a horse. Or two. They may even look at the selling price of a horse that’s caught their eye and think, “That’s not too much. We could swing it.”

And then I burst their bubble.

I proceed to tell them that horses are money pits.

Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t trade our two for anything. We have a relationship; a commitment. We’re lifelong friends.

But that friendship doesn’t come cheap.

There’s boarding.


Veterinary care.



Farrier visits.

And that’s just a few of the expenses. There are plenty more, especially when you’re riding or taking your horse to events. Now that our two are retired, we’ve sold our trailer and don’t have to even think about upgrading saddles and other tack.


About those farrier visits…

Every couple of months we schedule an appointment with Shane, our farrier. He’s done a great job keeping our horses feet in good shape. You want that. Horses need healthy feet – their lives depend on it. They’re big, sturdy animals with delicate feet.

Go figure!

He trims and picks and makes sure all is well in the feet department. And he entertains us with his running banter about just about everything. I’d like to record his conversation sometime just so I could remember all the amusing things he says. He’s young, but seems old.

Old west that is.

He’s a cowboy.

And a grade A, number one character.

He’ll talk your ear off if you give him half a chance.

He does team roping at various rodeos and events around the region.

He shoes horses for a living.

And he takes darned good care of ours. He’s gentle with those old, arthritic legs. He doesn’t force. He waits for Miss. P. to give him her leg. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes.

I can relate!

When we filled him in on the latest pasture gossip about Beau and Pepper, he stroked Bud and said, “Don’t you worry about it Bud. I’ve had a couple of old gals do the same thing to me. Women are hard to please.”


Bud listened and seemed to take it all in.  I’m not sure Shane is the best one to be giving relationship advice, but what do I know. Maybe a heart-to-heart talk with a cowboy is just what Bud needed!