There are times when the world is just so unexpectedly gorgeous, it makes me want to weep.

On this particular evening with the Paint horse, the dark sky, and the rich green of a pasture drenched in summer rain, I felt truly blessed to be alive.

In this place.

At this time.

With these magnificent animals.

The summer pasture does it to me every year.

I adore the evenings when the fist of heat that strangles the day, releases its grip. What remains is the sweet fragrance of hay fields, magical skies,  gentle breezes, and a sense of peace that I desperately try to extend into the rest of my day-to-day life.

Of course, this isn’t the only reason I make a daily trek to the pasture. But when I encounter a beautiful scene that literally takes my breath, I send up a little prayer of gratitude.

I am like the luckiest woman alive!

And isn’t it great?