Wednesdays with Mija

When it comes to our garden, I have an important job. I’m the engineer in charge of water use.

I monitor water flow, taste, and overall usage. It’s quite a big task, you see.

Gardens don’t simply happen. In this high plains desert where we live, plants require water – usually lots of it.

My job is to make sure thirsty plants get their fair share of water.

Oh, I don’t actually do the work of watering. No, no, no!

I have people for that.

My role is much more important.

I monitor.



Take note of.

You can usually find me front and center anytime the hose comes out. I love drinking from puddles, clean of course, and meditating on the flowing water.


If you haven’t done so, perhaps you should try it. Water is very relaxing. Especially when your people handle it.


You do have people don’t you?


Have a great Wednesday!