My sister Jane has gone into the birdhouse business. She’s become artistically obsessed with creating luxury homes for birds.

Except that, when she started, she had no intention of birds actually taking up residence.

In fact, she didn’t want birds living in her houses.

“They’re too messy,” she said.

“My birdhouses are for show only.”

That was her plan. Make gorgeous glass mosaic birdhouses for people to use as decoration in their homes and yards.

In the past year, she’s made some real beauties.

For people, not birds.

Recently she received a photograph from friends who have one of her birdhouses perched on a pole in their backyard. Contrary to everyone’s plan of what should happen, birds have taken up residence in the purple and pink glass house.

In fact, they’ve hatched their babies in that very house.


We’ve laughed over how the proud male no doubt lured his female. “Hey baby, have I got a house for you! Come over and take one little look.”

Of course, she would be hooked. What female wouldn’t love that beautiful house nestled in the trees in a lovely neighborhood?

It’s a perfect place to raise a family.

The male does have a look of pride as he hovers atop the house watching his lovely mate peek in the doorway.


Now we know she’s looking at her babies.

And he’s probably thinking, “Yes! I am master of the Universe.”


For me this story is a wonderful example of letting go of expectations.

It seems this opportunity continues to present itself in myriad ways.

We simply cannot always control the outcome, and when we embrace that learning and truly let go, our lives become so much more peaceful.

And simple.

And yes, interesting.

And oftentimes messy.


Had our friends set out to attract birds to their mosaic birdhouse, I doubt it would have happened. But the serendipity of how it played out is just so sweet.


In Alcoholics Anonymous there’s a saying, “Let go and let God.”

It seems to fit.

What do you say?

Are you one to let go or hang on?


P.S. You can see more of our mosaic artwork at our website.

Thanks for looking!