This innocent looking gelding has turned our world of the pasture upside down. He’s teaching me that change is part of life, even though I drag my feet when it comes to learning this lesson. I don’t really like change. 

So lately it seems that the intensity of the romance has faded slightly. Beau and Pepper are no longer starry-eyed young lovers. In fact on occasion, we find them grazing with a pretty good distance between them. They’re still together, just not so crazy in love.

From a purely non-romantic, technical standpoint it probably means Pepper is no longer cycling. Not the bicycle kind, in case you were for a moment confused. I mean the reproductive cycle. And that’s all I’m going to say about that today.

On two separate occasions, Pepper has left Beau out in the pasture by himself, while she comes to get her feed.

And that’s where it gets interesting.

He doesn’t seem to notice that she’s gone.

Doesn’t even look up.

A good fifteen minutes or more can go by, with Beau alone in the pasture nibbling grass, and Pepper eating grain and hanging out with her old friends.

Last week on one particular night when Beau did finally notice that his harem of two was no longer with him, he panicked.

Started calling and running everywhere looking for his women.

Everywhere except by the gate where they were. And, I might add, it’s where we always feed the horses.

He ran to the far end of the pasture.

He ran back.

He ran to the shed and back.

He stood and called, but Pepper was too busy eating to call back.

Hmm? This was new.

At this point my husband said, “That boy doesn’t know about the prime directive.”

We developed this term early in our marriage and now it has become part of our relationship lexicon.

The Prime Directive is this: Pay attention to where your wife is at all times.

Here’s how it came about:

We were going to a movie with another couple and they were driving. We sat in the back seat. When we arrived at the theater, our friend pulled into a parking slot. My husband got out his side and was standing beside the car. I scooted along the seat, thinking I’d get out on the same side.

Just as I emerged from the car, he slammed the door closed. On me!

He wasn’t doing anything mean-spirited – just not paying attention. Later he said he assumed I’d get out using the door on my side of the car as I’d done many times in the past.

Let me repeat: He wasn’t paying attention.

I sputtered and fumed for a minute or so, and then finally blurted out this statement, which has become famous in our very small circle:

“Don’t you know you are supposed to know where you wife is at all times?”

After a couple of minutes, I realized how ridiculous my statement sounded. The men dubbed it The Prime Directive, and it has been actively in force ever since.

So Beau, buddy, you need to learn this one relationship maxim.

Yes, you’re young, and inexperienced, and I’m sorry to say, not the brightest bulb in the box. If you’re going to have a harem, which apparently you are set on doing, you must pay attention.

Prime Directive Beau. Remember the Prime Directive.