Wednesdays with Mija

The art of napping.

Cats are known to be aloof and reserved. Not me! I am quite a social being. I love having my peeps at home with me, which usually happens only on weekends and holidays.

They have to go to work, which in theory I understand, because I have a certain standard of living they must maintain. But in practice, I want them with me.

So on weekends and holidays, we hang out together.

They may do a bit of yard work, cook and eat, and take care of minimal house chores, which I sometimes supervise.

Mostly we lay low, watch old movies and nap.

There are distinct benefits to living with older humans. They understand the value of slowing down, resting and taking naps. This is something we cats have understood forever, but humans apparently must age into it.


In our house we’re fond of doing a “toes up” in the afternoon. We each take our designated chair, push back the recliner or settle into the cushions of the couch. And then we RELAX.

It’s a delicious way to spend an hour or so. If you haven’t done so, you really must try it. Staying busy one hundred percent of the time is quite overrated.


How did you spend your holiday weekend? I hope there was a nap or two.


Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Don’t reserve naps only for weekends and holidays. A quick daily nap will refresh you and make your work more effective. You must trust me on this.