“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life

which are the real ones after all.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Little House on the Prairie

There are no foals at the barn this year. No sweet little babies for me to coo over and make a fool of myself. Lucky for me though, Mother Nature has my back. She knows how much I love babies.

At the opposite end of town from our pasture, there’s a farm that has Paints. One of their pastures is beside a main thoroughfare that I drive when I go to my sister’s house.

Every spring there’s a new crop of foals. Drivers often pull over to get a better look at the babies. It’s like the viewing window on the maternity floor of the hospital. People take photos, bring their kids and just enjoy the antics of these sweet little beings.

The horses aren’t always in this pasture, so when they’re close enough to watch, it’s a big deal. Sometimes when I drive by in the middle of the day, I’ll see them in the distance, babies sacked out on the ground and mothers standing in a protective circle.

Foals take a lot of naps. And these mares are so patient.

One evening last week as we were driving past, we noticed the herd grazing close to the fence. We had front row seats to the youngsters, who were having a high old time. The sun had just gone down, and in the cool of the evening they were playing the horse version of tag.

For five minutes we watched the foals run and nip at each other. It was a numinous moment – one of the many gifts that come my way each day when I take time to tune in and pay attention.

We could have kept going and commented about how cute the horses were as we sped by them.

But on this night, we didn’t do that. 

We took the time to stop, to share the moment, to notice.

And for those five minutes, the world stopped spinning. To-do lists vanished, deadlines melted, and stress evaporated.

It was a vitamin for the soul that Mother Nature is always dishing out. The same vitamins that I often pass up because I think I don’t have time.

Here’s the “aha” for me:

That night with the foals, time stretched out and became longer. In a mere five minutes, I felt refreshed and energized. My mood shifted, my shoulders were a bit straighter, my smile bigger.

Those vitamins from Mother Nature are some serious good medicine!