When I left off yesterday, I’d just described my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And my husband’s.

Now it looked as if Bud was going to join us.

If you want a quick recap, here’s yesterday’s story.

The closer Bud got to the gate and Beau, the jumpier he became. Rick was having a hard time holding him steady.

I opened the gate, making a clear path for Bud to run through, while Rick encouraged Beau to back off.

Bud saw the opening and went for it. He blasted toward me, panic written all over his face.

In other words, he wasn’t paying attention to anything except getting away from Beau. He didn’t notice the string of tape that had been used to divide the pasture before the herd broke through.

He ran through the tape, getting his feet caught in it.

Of course!

And somehow, still totally unknown to me, he drug the tape with him toward the car and Pepper.

Past me at the gate.

It totally freaked him out. Miss P. wasn’t too happy either.

And somehow, in mere nano seconds, the tape wrapped around my ankles and pulled skin off. In hindsight, I think I was lucky it didn’t knock me to the ground.

I freed myself and went to calm Bud and Pepper.

A pan of grain went a long way to helping Bud relax.

When Pepper finished eating, I took her back into the pasture by way of a different gate.

I wanted to draw Beau away from the bachelors.

Thank goodness, that may be the only part of the evening that actually worked.

With the love triangle out of the way, we thought things were on the upswing.

Not quite.

When we led Bud back into the pasture, Amigo pushed his way out.

He’s never done that before.


Until tonight.

I swear he was picking up on the wonky energy.

We got him back in, handed out a few snacks and decided we’d better head for home.

Summary of the evening: A total cluster F***.

Lesson learned:Horses are Zen masters when it comes to sensing energy. And pretty darned good mirrors. They reflected back every ounce of the chaotic, negative energy we brought into the pasture that night. It was such an in-your-face lesson about managing stress. And in case I didn’t get the lesson right away, I have two scabs on my shins to remind me.

Here’s my question to you: Have you had an experience where your animals reflected your bad mood? Tell me please so I won’t feel like the Lone Ranger.