Wednesdays with Mija

I’m taking a purr-ly unscientific poll today. The question I’m researching is this, “Do you sleep with your cat or dog?”

I’m not trying to get personal, and believe me I do not want to know any unsavory details. This is not that kind of research.

But truth be told, I’m gathering evidence to counteract some troubling, not-so-veiled threats that have been circulating in my household. Threats like suggesting to close me out of the bedroom.


Well, I’m turning into an early riser and I figure if I’m up, the rest of the household would want to join me. Wouldn’t you think the same? Honestly I’m just trying to be sociable.



They apparently don’t see it that way.

5:30 seems a reasonable time of day to me. One can view some gorgeous sunrises. Feel the fresh, crisp morning air brush your whiskers.


I am coming to reluctantly understand this may be one cat’s view of early mornings.

Please take a moment to support my research.

And I will appreciate any good words on my behalf. Sometimes you must take your case to a higher authority.

Happy Wednesday!