Today is the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year. On my calendar it reads Summer Begins.

Never mind that in some parts of the country the thermometer has already seen triple digits.

Several times.

Or that yesterday morning here in Colorado it was fifty-two degrees.

Summer is a capricious girl, flirting and teasing about when or if she’s going to stick around.

We love her anyway.

We pull out sunscreen, flip-flops and shorts. We rev up the grill. We juice lemons into lemonade; we eat popsicles and corn on the cob. We sharpen the blades on our lawnmowers. We sigh over homegrown tomatoes and green beans freshly plucked from the garden. We meditate to the ch-ch-ch pulse of sprinklers and the tinkling of wind chimes on the deck. We go on picnics and hikes and splash in water of all sorts.

Yes, we love our summer girl.

It seems only fitting to recognize a few of summer’s firsts on this important day.

Do you remember your first ice cream sandwich?

The first time you walked on a beach barefoot?

The first sand castle you built?

Ah, the sweet memories of summer.

Do tell one of yours.