Bud’s Turn to Speak

Dear Diary,

I fought hard to keep our mares, but truth is, I’m just not as strong as I used to be. There was a time I would have kicked that interloper out so fast his head would have spun circles. He’d have thought twice about taking me on.

But, unfortunately that’s not the case anymore.  Beau beat me up pretty bad and I have no desire to tangle with him again any time soon.

He has shown no respect for his elders. He’s young, inexperienced, and new to the pasture. Guess he thought he had to make a grand entrance.


Any fool could steal the two oldest mares in the pasture. Sorry Pepper, but that just shows how misguided he is.  He ought to be making a herd with mares his own age, but they’re a bit harder to steal, because some seriously strong, kick-butt geldings defend them.

Nope, as far as I’m concerned, Beau is a coward. He picked the easiest marks.

Amigo, Red and I had a nice little herd. We protected our mares. We kept to ourselves and didn’t bother anyone. It was bad enough when Baby was taken away. We’ve become a herd of three lonely old bachelors.

I still have a hope that Pepper will come to her senses and return to us. And bring Chickadee with her.

Eventually they will have to see through all that strutting and posing from the golden boy and realize he’s just a kid.

Will he even protect them when they’re in the large herd? I doubt it. He’s not that smart.

Right now they’re running on pure hormones, like horses have been doing forever. I don’t blame Pepper, but I sure as heck miss her.

Getting old sucks!