When I met my husband, I learned early on in our relationship that he wasn’t alone. He came with family – a dowry in the form of a tall, friendly appaloosa gelding.

That would be Bud.

These two males reignited my passion for horses.

Oh, it had lurked beneath the surface of my consciousness since I was a girl. But for years, I had almost no contact with horses except for a few organized stable rides.

There was no brushing, no riding, and no visits to the barn or pasture.

The closest I got was driving past a field and admiring the grazing horses.

It was like going to the movies and watching life on the screen in front of me.

Then Rick and Bud entered my life and I learned about living the horse life. New words like colic and founder and fetlock and farrier became part of my vocabulary. Soon after Bud and Rick came to Colorado, we added Miss Pepper to our family and my equine education continued.

And is ongoing as you’ve learned from reading about our antics in the pasture.

We’ve never been able to live with our horses, which is something I still have dreams of doing. But for now, and maybe for always, we are urban horse keepers. And honestly it seems to suit all of us just fine.

At those early getting acquainted meetings, Rick made it abundantly clear that he was a horse person. “Love me, love my horse” was his motto and it has served us well. I absolutely can’t imagine my life without Bud and Pepper.

And more important (though I don’t let the horses know this), I can’t imagine my life without Rick.

So I’ll be making the family chocolate cake this weekend to celebrate Rick’s birthday. Here’s a link to the story I told last year about my initiation into making that cake. Chocolate cake with white powdered sugar icing.  NOT chocolate with a hint of cinnamon.

Lesson learned.

Happy birthday to my dear, amazing, wonderful, horse-loving, Jean-loving husband!