Spring means green grass – for horses and humans.

With the copious amounts of rain we’ve had in the past few weeks, the grass is really lush. Tall and brilliant green and ripe for rolling.

That is if you’re a horse.

Or a child.

It goes with summer and the wild abandon we used to feel once school let out.

I miss that child’s feeling of having three months of freedom and summer fun stretching out before me.

I suppose adults roll in the grass too, but I think following that topic could take us into dangerous territory, especially for a Monday morning.

So let’s stick to horses, okay?

If you’re a white horse that loves to roll in the fresh, cool grass, you sometimes run into a problem.

Grass stains.

Especially if your hipbones stick out. I’m only guessing about this part since it’s been decades since my hips had visible bones. But for Bud, it’s an issue. All that wild rolling in the grass stains his coat a greenish brown color.

Bud doesn’t mind one bit.

It’s all part of being a horse.

It’s just his goofy human friend who notices.

Here’s hoping you have some grass-staining-events in your future this summer.

I think we all could use a touch of wild abandon!

P.S. Miss Chickadee is back in the pasture. Yippee!!