Chickadee hasn’t been with the Herd of Oldsters for a while. She sometimes does this, so I wasn’t worried at first. She’ll spend time with others in the larger herd, and then rejoin the Oldsters. She fits right into both herds. I think it may be due to her docile nature. Chickadee is one of the sweetest horses I’ve ever met.

But after a few days of not seeing her, I decided to track her down. I’d had one bad experience with Baby being snatched from the herd with no warning, and I didn’t want another.

My emotions couldn’t take it.

And I suspect, neither could yours.

I found her in a stall in the barn. She’s had an eye infection before and I guess it flared up again. She’s being kept out of the wind and dust and hopefully with the help of the vet and medication, the infection is healing.

At the moment, Chickadee looks like one sad girl. She’s lonely in the barn. She misses her friends. She told me this when I stopped in to visit. As I entered the barn I heard her unmistakable nicker. She was inquiring if I’d brought a nugget or two of horse candy. And as it turns out, I did have a couple of treats in my pocket. No surprise there!

I stroked her neck and said as many soothing things as I could think of. I told her what was happening in the pasture and how Bud, Pepper, Amigo and Red missed her. Chickadee listened, though kept bringing me back to the topic of snacks. I read the feeding instructions on her stall. There was nothing written that said snacks were off limits, so I figured it was okay.  She snarfed down the two bites of candy and gave me a tender smile.

If you’ve had the pleasure of eating hospital food, you know how good a little snack tastes.

Something from the outside world.

Hopefully you have friends who would smuggle treats to you like I did for Chickadee. Hey, what are friends for if not to cheer you when you’re down and out?

P.S. Send your healing thoughts toward Chickadee and the barn. She needs to get back to the pasture and her pals.