There are many definitions of the word palooza.

It can mean an all out wild series of parties, an event of wonderment, and an exaggerated event to name only three gleaned from a quick Google search.

To my way of thinking this year in northern Colorado has definitely been a lilacpalooza. It’s the last day of May and still we have the pleasure of their company. That alone is palooza worthy.

Last week I parked my car in front of one of our municipal office buildings. The instant I set foot outside my vehicle I was enveloped in the spicy, sweet fragrance of lilacs. It was aromatherapy at its best. I took a deep breath, smiled and realized that my mood had lightened significantly.

Lilacs do that for me every time.

I remember a dear friend telling me that during a particularly rough patch in her life, she would alter the route on her daily walk so that she went past a large stand of lilacs in bloom. When the blooms eventually faded, she used lilac scented lotion to extend the experience.

My mother loved lilacs. Her favorite was the white lilac, which some folks say is the most fragrant of all the varieties. I can’t see one without thinking of her. It’s a lovely touchstone that comes round every spring.

On my personal bucket list is to go to the Mackinac Island Lilac Festival. The island alone is travel-worthy and then to have a ten-day celebration of lilacs sounds so wonderful. This year the celebration is June 10 – 19th in case you want to make plans! One of these years, I’ll get there.

If you have the chance today, get yourself to a place where a lilac bush is blooming. Stop and press your face into the blooms. Then inhale this elixir of spring. If you’re feeling really wild and crazy, repeat this every day until the season has passed. It will be one of the joys of your spring season.