We recently had the happy occasion of visitors to the pasture. Two beautiful, vivacious young women came to see Bud and Pepper and the rest of the Oldsters.

The day was perfect: sun beaming down, blue skies and the mud puddles were well on their way to drying up.

Bud and Pepper were at the gate just waiting to show off. Which is exactly what they did. It was like “Upside Down Day.”

They ran out the gate directly to each other’s feed pans. This doesn’t work because of the individualized meds they receive. And they know which pan is theirs. It’s always on the same side. We’ve done this thousands of times.

But not today.

Today they had amnesia.

With a bit of encouragement, we got them eating from their own pans. Problem was they weren’t that interested in eating. Two weeks in a pasture of lush grass has dulled their appetite for grain. Pepper would wander off and we had to keep redirecting her to her lunch. She was searching for snacks, which I’ve had to start keeping hidden inside the car.

Apparently her dessert stomach wasn’t full!

For a while, Bud luxuriated in being groomed by not one, but two girls. They cooed over him and I could tell he loved it. Who wouldn’t?

But then he tired of eating and followed Pepper’s lead. He wandered away from us into the pasture.

He seemed ready for a game of chase. The girls didn’t know what to think. I was envisioning round two of the Appaloosa Boot Camp, and not happy at the thought of chasing Bud around the pasture.

As I approached him with the lead rope, he took one look at me and then bolted toward the gate. He ran all the way. Now I knew he was showing off for the girls. It was as if he didn’t want me to lead him with a halter around his neck. He wanted to run like the wind. Which is exactly what he did. Well maybe he ran more like a breeze, but it was running all the same. He looked strong and powerful, and the girls were duly impressed.

As we age, don’t we yearn to experience a few more moments of the vigor of our youth?

I know I do.

Bud ran all the way to the gate and nudged it, as if it would magically open. When I caught up with him, I let him into the pasture with Miss Pepper, Amigo and Red. All four bellied up to the fence for more snacks and compliments.

Like I said, it was a perfect day.