It’s been raining for close to twenty-four hours. It’s one of those good thing/bad things. Good in the sense that we desperately need the moisture. Rain means grass in the pasture and fat, happy horses.

I’m all over that.

But rain in early May also means temperatures in the thirties and low forties. In other words, bone chilling cold.

It’s definitely been that.

Yesterday afternoon when the sky opened up and just poured for hours, I began to fret about our two old sweeties.

Pepper has no fat on her. I knew she’d be shivering.

And we’d had an episode with Bud on Monday that scared us. The vet was out to give spring checkups and shots. Everything went along as usual until Bud had a reaction to something. Never mind that it was exactly the same meds he’s had before. No changes. Nothing new. But this time, his body didn’t like it.

His eyes rolled back, his knees got shaky and sweat poured off him like someone had turned on a faucet. Seriously, I’ve never seen that much sweat. He was drenched. Then his eyes got puffy.

The vet worked quickly to get the allergic reaction under control. She’s still shaking her head trying to figure out what caused it. She’s on high alert because there’s been a local outbreak of a very dangerous equine herpesvirus. Horse facilities are being quarantined and everybody is jumpy. But that’s not what Bud had. His was an allergic reaction as best we can figure.

And he’s fine now.

But the cold and rain had us worried since he wasn’t exactly tip-top this week.

So last night at five o’clock we headed back to the pasture with blankets and snacks.

We found the herd of oldsters tucked cozily in the shed. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. These old guys are pretty darned smart.

When we showed up in the evening, it freaked Pepper out a little. This was not the routine she knew. In her horse mind, we were there to do something bad to her. She had a small, very small panic moment before she allowed me to catch her. But once the blanket was securely on, she relaxed.

It had to feel good.

We got Bud blanketed, handed out horse candy and headed for home.

Just another day in the life of this urban horsekeeper!