Wednesdays with Mija

Let me clear something up right away. I am NOT the crazy cat alluded to in the title of this blog post.

Just sayin’…

So here’s the story.

I live with an artist, which means we have many interesting and beautiful things around our house, and in our yard.

In fact, my artist (as I sometimes call her) specializes in art for the garden.

She glues little pieces of glass to just about anything. We have a bowling ball covered with glass, a terra cotta bird house thingy covered with glass, and a big chunk of sandstone sprouting three little glass-covered balls.

See what I mean?

The proper name for what she does is mosaic.

I’m never surprised when a new brightly colored object appears in my garden.

I like art. And I especially like this art.

I was however surprised to find a photograph on the computer of some kind of metal sculpture of a cat.

Kind of cute really.

We don’t actually own this particular sculpture, but I’m thinking we should.

I rather like the idea of cats in the garden.

Just not real, live cats because I’m the only one allowed here.

I’m not big on sharing my garden or my peeps.

But “art-ified” cats are another thing altogether.

I like it.

What about you?

Would you put a piece of art in your garden?

Note from Jean: The cat Mija is referring to is a metal sculpture that I saw at Fort Collins Nursery last weekend at their open house. He and some of his companions really charmed me.

Maybe he will come to live in our garden. Stranger things have happened!