Yesterday may have been a first.

Bud, our sweet old appaloosa walked away from a pan of grain.

Took one sniff and that was it.


Not eating it.

Yes, I’m talking about Bud, the eating machine.

The horse that normally eats everything put in front of him.

But I guess yesterday he drew the line.

I gave him Pepper’s leftover grain from the day before.

Just a little.

I was trying to be thrifty.

Something Bud knows nothing about. He said, “No thanks. I don’t do leftovers.”

Honestly, it was a combination of several things.

  • The leftovers.
  • We are currently out of one of the three kinds of grain that make up Bud and Pepper’s special mix.
    So it didn’t taste just right.
    I could be on the horse food channel if such a program existed, with the complicated preparations I go through every day just to get feed and meds into our two old sweeties.
  • The allure of fresh, sweet, moisture-laden green grass was overwhelming.
Between you and me, I think it was the grass. 
After a long, dry winter of nothing but hay and grain, the sweet grass must be irresistible.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

I spent at least half an hour watching Bud and Pepper graze. It was relaxing – almost meditative. So, I’m cutting him some slack. Just this once.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to lure Bud back to his feed pan at least long enough to get one little pink pill into him.

And get to the feed store.