At the end of the week I was where I usually am around noon, feeding my two old sweeties and handing out snacks to the rest of the herd of oldsters.

The owner of the boarding facility was out walking her fields, checking on the greening up process and making an assessment as to when to get the irrigation system going.

She stopped for a minute to talk.

We discussed the weather.

We discussed the condition of the pasture.

We discussed how the horses had fared over the winter.

She commented that all things considered, Miss P. was doing pretty darned well.

I agreed.

Pepper is thin right now and you can see her ribs, but that should change when the pasture greens up and she can graze to her heart’s content.


Then the owner told me a story.

It seems her eight-year-old daughter is helping with feeding.

One evening the girl came back from the pasture incensed.

She was boiling mad! She’d loaded another flake of hay onto the Gator and was headed back to the pasture.

She had a special delivery for Pepper.

You see, Pepper walks slowly these days. So when the hay truck was out distributing hay, Pepper was slow getting there.

And she holds back and doesn’t fight for her share.

If a younger, stronger horse pushes her away, she goes.

Normally the person driving the feed truck loops back and deposits hay for Pepper.

But this time, the driver didn’t do that.

Pepper was left with no hay.

And this made the little girl angry. She asked the driver to go back and he (or she) wouldn’t.

She knew right from wrong.

This little girl knew what the right action was, and she didn’t hesitate.

Sometimes it takes a child to keep us adults on the right path!


Pepper sends a shout out and big horse love to her eight-year-old guardian angel.

Have you had a situation where a child acted more like an adult than the actual adults? Leave a comment below and tell us your story.


Oh, in case you’re wondering, Mom had a talk with the driver of the truck. I don’t think Pepper will be left out again!