We can tell by the old calendar on the wall that it’s almost time for round three of the Mother and Son Cooking Spree.

Yes, it’s hard to believe – but true. Another month has past.

So, what will it be?

What would you like us to tackle?

We have ketchup on the lineup because we make a pinky swear that we wouldn’t forget.

And one can never go back on pinky swearing.

It’s a rule.

A law of the Universe.

A really good idea.

Leave your suggestion below and we’ll use a very scientific method of selecting one idea from the thousands that are offered. 🙂

(A girl can dream can’t she?)

One week from today, we’ll show off our creations.

You won’t want to miss it.

And speaking of things you won’t want to miss, I have a surprise for you in the middle of the week. It’s an important date.

Stay tuned.


What shall we cook?