Amigo urging me out of the car to give another snack.

Here in northern Colorado, Spring is on the way. She’s battling her way through the last vestiges of winter. Nearly everyone I talk to says they are more than ready.

Me too.

There’s something about that calendar page turning to April that just screams “Spring.”

But as a native Coloradoan, I’ve learned that I can scream all I want and it won’t help.

Not really.

Spring will get here in her sweet time.

Instead of screaming, I’m composing a list of signs of Spring. I hope you’ll add to the list in the comments below.

How I Know Spring is On the Way

  1. The grass in the pasture is greening up. Some days it may be covered with snow, but there’s green underneath.
  2. The horses are shedding. Their body clocks know the season is changing.
  3. We have wild changes in temperature. As in one day it’s eighty degrees and the next it’s spitting snow. Yes, that’s a big one in Colorado!
  4. The wind is back. (Did it actually ever leave?)
  5. Trees are starting to bud out and even flower. The forsythia is blooming, as are daffodils, grape hyacinths, and tulips.
  6. The birds are serenading me in the early morning.
  7. The days are longer.
  8. Nurseries are chock full of pansies and early spring flowers.
  9. Newspapers and magazines are filled with advertisements and articles about gardening.
  10. I’m feeling more energetic and creative.

I’m sure there are more, but here’s a start. Will you add to the list? How do you know we’re heading into Spring?