Wednesdays with Mija

I hear a wide assortment of music as I wander around our house.

Between the computer, CD player, and the television, I get bombarded with tunes.

You can imagine my surprise and delight the other day when I heard a woman named Cheryl Wheeler, who is apparently a well-known folk artist, singing about a white cat.

Look carefully at the words I’m including here, because it could so easily be about me. In fact, the more I listened, the more certain I became that her song is about me.

I’ve been exerting some pressure for my peeps to buy the song, so I can listen whenever I want. So far, no luck. Maybe you can help?


White Cat by Cheryl Wheeler

I was a white cat once, but when I roll around I get all gray and brown,

And it does not make sense to waste a busy day licking the dirt away.

I have staff for that, sent here to serve the cat

I let my fur get gray and then I dock their pay.


It’s a brand new mornin’ as I stretch and arise

Amble over to the tale, little nibble on the kibble,

Shred a little sofa as I open my eyes.

Yes, I got ratted, matted, messed up hair,

This verbal fur ball does not care.

I want to be lord of the fleas,

I saunter and I do what I please.


I was a white cat once. I was a white cat once. I was a white cat once.


Get out in your gardens and get dirty. Yippee, it’s spring!!!


Happy Wednesday!

P.S. The “lord of the fleas” part isn’t about me. Just sayin’