It was a great birthday party!

Bud wants to thank you for your birthday wishes, and  tell you that it was an awesome day.

He had extra snacks, a nice sunny day, and his pals to help him celebrate.

And now to round out our week of focusing on the great and amazing Appaloosa, I leave you with some pretty darned interesting factoids.



  1. Appaloosa is a breed of horse rather than a color.

  3. The Appaloosa Horse Club describes five basic coat patterns:
    Leopard -Large dark spots completely covering a white body
    Snowflake — a dark body with light spots or speckles
    Marble — A light coat covered in small dark speckles
    Frost— A dark coat covered in small light speckles
    Blanket — White on hips and/or loins. Darker spots may or may not appear on the white blanket. (This would be the Budster)
    However, some appaloosas are solid, meaning they don’t have any coat pattern.

  5. The Nez Perce originally bred the appaloosa to be strong, fast, sure-footed and intelligent. They are the only Native Americans to selectively breed horses.

  7. The appaloosa’s short mane and tail were bred into them so they wouldn’t get caught in brush.

  9. Appaloosas are known for their endurance and good disposition.

  11. The Nez Perce never referred to their horses as “appaloosa.” One suggestion as to the name is a reference to the Palouse River in eastern Washington and northern Idaho, where the horses were abundant. Another story is that the early settlers referred to the horse as “A Palouse Horse,” (again because of the location) which eventually morphed into appaloosa.

  13. The name Appaloosa was made official in 1938.

  15. On March 25, 1975, the Appaloosa was named Idaho’s state horse. (Seems only fitting to note that today, March 25, 2011.)


Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate Bud’s birthday week. We had a great party out at the pasture with alfalfa cubes all round. I sang Happy Birthday to the guest of honor and gave him a good brushing, so that his coat gleamed.

His mates, the rest of the herd of oldsters, also enjoyed alfalfa cubes. If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see digital party hats on a couple of the horses. Take my word, it was a rockin’ time in the pasture. As rockin’ as horses will allow, that is!