Wednesdays with Mija

Photo Credit: Serene Calkins

See this photograph over to the left? It’s my kinda-sorta-cousins, Izzy and Phoebe. They’re Yorkie-poos.

They’re cute and perky and innocent, and full of life.

We’re not really related, because, well, they’re dogs and I’m a cat.

But we’re family all the same.

A multi-species family.

Sometimes they come to our house for a visit.

If I’m being totally honest, I have to say it isn’t my favorite time.

They eat my food if we forget to put it up on the counter.

And they play with my toys and get them all covered with dog slobber.


And worst of all, they sit with my people and get lots of hugs and pets.

Hugs and pets that should be coming to me, I might add.


Practicing Tolerance

Some cats I know would get all huffy and snarl and hiss at the little intruders.

They might even scratch them on those cute little noses.

Not me.

I’m practicing being a pacifist.

And a gracious hostess.


I simply remove myself until they leave.

I go up the stairs and take a little nap under one of the beds.

Oh, they try to follow, but I’m smart enough to evade them.

Eventually they lose interest and I take some “alone time.”


It’s the least I can do for my Aunt, because I really do love her.

She pets me and talks to me and treats me like the important cat that I am.


No Family is Perfect

I guess all families have to learn to put up with each other.

It’s what families do.

And really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What about you?



Happy Wednesday!