I’ll start by answering this rhetorical question.


At least my answer holds true for one particular mustang of my acquaintance.

Actually, he’s the only mustang I know, so my sample size is rather small.

I’m sure you figured out by now that I’m talking about Red.

He’s part of the herd of oldsters, and he is trouble with a capital T, especially when it comes to fences.

He breaks them. The broken fence isn’t enough to let horses out of the pasture. It just requires ongoing maintenance. Someone has to string that wire again.

And again.

And again.

I’m sure the owners of our boarding facility just love that!

And love Red for giving them something else to do.

I’ve written about our bad boy Mustang before. For a while he and Pepper were an item, though that romance has ended. Lately he’s only had eyes for Baby, the youngster in our herd of twenty-something horses.

So about those fences.

Red likes to put a hoof up on the fence and then push with the full force of his weight. It makes a twanging sound, like he was strumming a guitar.

He does it to get my attention. “Yo! You aren’t handing out the snacks fast enough,” his actions say.

“Yoo hoo, remember me?”

He can be a tad demanding when it comes to snacks.

And yes, you may be thinking that I’ve created this problem by handing out snacks in the first place. You’d be correct.

But I didn’t teach Red to snap the fences.

He figured that out all by himself.

Red is an equal opportunity destroyer of fences. He’ll work on metal gates too.

Mustang nose and missing bolt

In fact, there is a gate leading into the winter pasture that’s in bad shape. Red didn’t actually break this gate, but he hasn’t helped it any, either.

He lifts his hoof onto the rung and pulls. The gate sways back and forth. It’s only hanging by one bolt.

Every day I fully expect to find that gate lying on the ground, but it’s still holding.

No thanks to the Mustang.

Has one of your animals done anything lately to try your patience?

Leave your comment below so I don’t feel like the only indulgent animal lover.