Wednesdays with Mija

Photo Credit: Serene Calkins

My peeps have been sick. They’ve been sneezing and coughing like crazy.

Our trashcans are full to the brim with used tissues and empty cough drop boxes.


What can I say?

It has not been pretty.

The only good thing is there’s been an abundance of cuddling on the couch under the afghan, or heading to bed for long, leisurely naps.

I’ve loved those parts and taken full advantage.

Oh, and the fact that they aren’t running off to this meeting or that errand like they usually do.

They’ve been home.

With me.

As it should be.


I did a little research to be certain that I couldn’t catch their colds.

Whew! Cats can’t catch colds from humans and vice-versa.


They’re starting to feel better, which is a good thing.

But I’m going to miss all those cozy mid-day naps!


Happy Wednesday – and stay well!


P.S. Our dog friend Hollyberry has left this earth to romp among the stars. Safe journey sweet thing – and know that you were well-loved. Blessings to her family.