This is me a few years ago, playing with one of my Christmas presents. Notice the lovely, pointy ears.

Wednesdays With Mija

Every now and then when I’m washing my face and I stretch my paw over the top of my head, to make sure it’s clean, I think about what it was like to have ears.

These days there are no little pointy things to get in the way. I can clean my head in a jiffy.

And sometimes when I catch my reflection in the sliding glass door, I’m startled, because it doesn’t look like me, at least the me I remember.

The cat with ears.

I’ve grown accustomed to the way I look without ears. I even think it’s cute. But, it isn’t how I started out. It’s been a huge change in my appearance.

Life changes every one of us. Some of us have noticeable changes – scars, illnesses,  a little extra weight :-), and, no ears.

For others, the changes are internal, so that those of us on the outside never see them. But they are there. Like my brother Maxwell, who had been abused as a kitten and was terrified of everyone but his adopted mama. He was handsome as can be on the outside, but a ball of worry on the inside.

Are there people or things or attributes that you miss? I’m wondering how you handle it. I could use some pointers.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I’m supposed to remind you that you still have time to suggest an ingredient for the mother-son cooking blog. But send it soon, because they’re going to cook this weekend and tell you about it on Friday.