Okay, I know this is a personal question. Especially for a Tuesday. But seriously, I want to know.

I took this photo yesterday when Rick and I were out feeding our two old sweeties. Rick had just put Bud back in and they were having a moment. It was just so darned sweet. Even with Bud’s green tinged lips from the numerous alfalfa cubes he’d just devoured.

Technically it wasn’t an actual kiss. It was probably more like a nuzzle. But it was really close to a kiss.

And so I ask again.

Do you pucker up and place those lips of yours on a furry face?

I do.

I’m a kisser and proud of it.

I love my animals and sometimes I just can’t help myself. Nothing can express my feelings like a kiss.

So come on, fess up. Where do you stand on kissing animals?

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