There are two indisputable facts about horses, that when they come together, make for some interesting times.

Fact Number One: Horses are hard on fence.

I’m particularly talking about wire fence pulled tight. Our favorite “bad boy Mustang” Red is the worst. He has a habit of pulling at the fence with his leg, or slapping his hoof against the lower wire. He does it when he wants attention. Or another snack.

The end result is that his pulling and slapping stretch the wire out loose, or in some cases, break it altogether. He’s also been known to get caught in the wire and hurt himself. More than once, I might add.

I’ve told him many times that he is going to have to get a paper route to pay for the numerous fence wires that he’s broken.

He ignores me. You can tell how he feels by the position of  his tongue in the photo above.

Fact Number Two: Horses are Curious

Horses are interested in everything that goes on around them. They’re rather like the stereotypical nosy neighbor who keeps an eye on everything in the neighborhood. Even when you don’t want them looking into your business. Especially then.

Horses are like that – interested in every little thing that goes on in their world.

Over the weekend we noticed that a long section of wire in the fence by the shed was completely down. The horses were getting tangled up when they clustered at the fence for snacks. And we don’t want that! So Rick coiled the downed wire and looped it over a post so the owners/staff would see it.

The ever so helpful Baby

Instantly Baby was in on the action. She wanted a taste of this new and very interesting item. Clearly this plan wasn’t going to work.

Rick hung the coiled wire on the other side of the fence, still no luck. Now Baby wanted a taste of that curly stuff. Could be something good to eat.

Pasta maybe?

In the end, we had to place the coiled wire outside the horses’ reach on the other side of the fence. But I’m betting they’ll find a way to pull it back into their turf.

Because horses are not only curious, they’re creative.

Have your animals done anything lately to keep you on your toes?