When you write a blog five days a week, there are times when you need to revisit something you said in an earlier post, or offer an update, or just take care of business. This is going to be one of those times.

Think of it as cleaning out your refrigerator. You know, opening those little containers of leftovers and tossing the stale, or worse, moldy contents. And don’t you wonder what in the world made you to save that dab of food in the first place? An idea for another discussion, I’m afraid.

Update on Shredded Beet Pulp

I am thrilled to tell you that Pepper continues to love the addition of shredded beet pulp to her grain. She walks right to her feed pan and immediately begins eating. And she eats until the pan is empty, or nearly so. Which means she is getting her full dose of Bute every day. If you could see my face, it would be smiling and I would be issuing a huge sigh of relief.

It would seem the molasses flavored pulp is an excellent vehicle for getting powdered medications into a horse. At least one twenty-eight year old mare named Pepper.

Let’s hear it for beet pulp!!

The $1300 Brownie

Last Friday Jeremy and I gave you a couple of ideas for Valentine’s Day food. And I casually mentioned that I had a small dental situation when I tasted the Salted Fudge Brownies that I made. It seems I have to get a completely new crown since the old one that was pulled off when I bit into the chewiest section of the brownie, will no longer work.

Of course it won’t!

So two and a half hours in the dentist chair, on Valentine’s Day no less, and a serious dent in the wallet lead me to issue a warning about the brownies. Be careful. They are delicious. Totally yummy. But you may want to save the outer edges for people with better teeth than mine. And maybe reduce the cooking time by 5 minutes.

Don’t blame the brownies.


Secret Ingredients

For the next cooking post with Jeremy, scheduled for Friday, March 11th, we want you to suggest ingredients for us to use. Make sure you give us food items that can be readily purchased in Kansas and Colorado. We’ll make a random selection from your suggestions and then create our recipes.

Please send your comments/food choices no later than the end of the month, so we have some time to get creative.

This should be fun!

There you have it. Odds and Ends totally cleared up!