Meet my son Jeremy.

He is an awesome, amazing, creative, inventive cook. I’d like to take credit for that, but in truth, I probably cannot. Except of course, for the indisputable fact that he has fifty percent of my genes embedded in his DNA. You just have to take one look at us to know we’re related.

We come from a family of cooks.

I’m not talking big fancy-schmancy chefs, but rather plain old every-day-put-dinner-on-the-table cooks. I’m always a bit startled when I hear nutritionists or psychologists say that we must get back to family dinners in this country. We never left the table. We eat dinner every night. Always have. And nine times out of ten it’s a meal we cooked.

It’s just how we roll.

So Jeremy and I decided to team up once a month on this blog to bring you a special treat.

We’re going to talk about our cooking. How it’s similar and how it’s not. Here’s the fun part. We want you to suggest ingredients to us and the following month we’ll show you what we made. More about that next week when the first blog post sees the light of your computer screen.

That’s right – on the second Friday of every month you’re going to get the Mother and Child Reunion Cooking Show (A working title!). I know you didn’t ask for this, but I truly think you’ll like it.

By way of introduction, I sent a few questions to Jeremy. I wanted to give you a little peek at my son the cook.


Name 5 ingredients that are always in your kitchen

Jeremy: olive oil, cayenne pepper, kosher salt, jalapenos/peppers of some kind, Tapatio hot sauce. (note from Jean – Can you tell he likes it hot?)

Jean: Butter, olive oil, kosher salt, lemon juice, canned tuna


Favorite cooking utensils or equipment/things you can’t do without

Jeremy: sharp knives, pepper grinder, quality pans, good tongs

Jean: sharp knives, quality pans, stirring spoons, microplane, tongs


Something you think you would never, ever cook

Jeremy: I stay away from weird meats – organs, heads or baby anything (e.g. lamb, veal)

Jean: Ditto. I’m also not a fan of octopus (Remember I grew up in Wyoming)


Describe your cooking style in a Twitter post (140 characters max)

Jeremy: Spicy tasty family style comfort food shooting from the hip.

Jean: Everyday comfort food that is delicious, good for you, and pretty to look at.


What do you like about cooking?

Jeremy: I really enjoy the creative aspect of pulling a meal together.

Jean: I love the colors, textures and challenges of making delicious food that’s healthy. Basically I like to nurture people and cooking is a great way to do just that.


Earliest cooking memory?

Jeremy: I remember my Grandmother’s cooking. I don’t recall specific dishes, but everything was simple and good.

Jean: I too remember my Grandmother’s cooking. She’s my inspiration to make beautiful food. Her dinner rolls were legendary.


So there you have the first look at us cooking together. Be sure to tune in next Friday because we’re going to give you two ideas for Valentine’s Day.