I’m almost afraid to put this into writing because I don’t want to jinx it, but here goes. We may have found something that Pepper likes to eat.

You see it turns out that like many horses, Miss. P. has a sweet tooth. She’s especially fond of the flavor of molasses.

We’ve tried many things to entice her to eat her grain, which is dosed with medicine. But she’s a discerning girl and not at all willing to try just any old thing. We could be attempting to poison her, though I promise you that has NEVER crossed my mind.

Bribery – yes.

Frustration – perhaps.

Trickery – that too.

But never poison.

So when our vet suggested adding shredded beet pulp to her grain, we decided to give it a try. It takes a bit of planning because you have to soak it for several hours before mixing it into the grain. But I soon enough figured out a system and it was no big deal.

Beet pulp is a by-product of the sugar beet industry – it’s what is left after our table sugar is extracted. It’s a great source of fiber, which for horses is key to digestion. Come to think of it, fiber is a good thing for people too. And the soaking gets more water into our girl, which is also important, especially in winter.

I must say I wasn’t hopeful, but true to her impish nature, Pepper fooled me. She liked it. She really liked it.

It was music to my ears to hear her munching her grain.

She almost cleaned her plate on the first day.

I’ve had to remove the hay cube bucket completely from her line of sight, because once she sees it, that’s what she wants. When the tempting goodies are gone, Pepper can focus on eating her grain. And getting her medicine, which has been especially important during this below-zero cold snap.

That makes for one happy horse parent.


What’s the craziest food-related thing you’ve done for your animals?