Waiting for a groundhog

Wednesdays with Mija


Today is February 2nd – Groundhog Day. It’s not a major holiday-not even a minor one really.

But to me, it’s an important day because we’re talking about spring and how long I must wait for nice weather and time to once again sit in my favorite flowerpot, sniff flowers, and roll in the dirt.

I”m not a big fan of winter. Especially as I’ve gotten a bit older.

So today is something or other about a groundhog seeing his shadow.

I’m not exactly sure what a groundhog is, but I’m on the lookout just the same. Could a squirrel be a good enough substitute?

Just asking, because we have lots of squirrels around our yard.

So if the groundhog (squirrel?) sees his shadow, it means we’re in for six more weeks of winter.

What if he doesn’t?

I totally don’t get this.

Oh well.

Stay warm and let’s all hope for a cloudy day.


Happy Wednesday!