Wednesdays With Mija

I’ve waited as long as I possibly can to address this growing problem. I don’t want to be rude or insensitive, but I feel compelled to say this, “Step away from the computer. Your cat needs attention!”

Too Much Time

You see at our house, Jean spends a HUGE part of her day on the computer. She’s a writer and that’s where she writes. I understand that, really I do. But in my opinion, the time she spends clacking on the keyboard or reading things on the screen has increased to unacceptable levels.

Seriously, how much writing can one person do?

What About Me?

My main concern is that her computer time is interfering with my daily routine. Lately I’ve developed a taste for being held. I like to snuggle and give hugs by pressing my head into Jean’s neck as she holds me. My favorite position is when she is standing. I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner, because this is really nice. I know she likes it too, so don’t think I’m being totally selfish.


I try sitting in her lap when she’s working at the computer. Frankly, it’s just not that comfortable. My head sometimes clunks against the edge of the desk. Or I feel trapped under the desk, which makes me feel claustrophobic and cranky. In other words, it doesn’t work for me.

Cat Versus Internet

When I sit on the desk beside the computer monitor, I’m tempted to bat at the papers scattered around, or do a bit of typing myself. Both of these seem to irritate her. I do get the chance to learn a thing or two when we’re surfing the Internet together. That’s where I found this great cartoon called The Oatmeal. You really must treat yourself by following this link and taking a look at his cartoon called, “Cat VS Internet.” This guy knows cats. Really well. And I got some ideas from reading the whole cartoon. Some really good ideas. You’ll have to read it to see what I mean.

Oh the Irony of it All

In case you’re wondering, the irony of me finding this wonderful cartoonist on the computer, while I’m complaining to you about Jean spending too much time there, has NOT escaped me. Cats are masters of irony.


More hugging and less computing! There are animals and people out there who need you. Just say you’ll think about it.


Consider it my public service announcement for the day.


Happy Wednesday!