The moment I stepped out of the Seattle airport I felt the green. It wrapped around me in a refreshing embrace. I took a breath and felt the moisture ease into my lungs, plumping each cell in my body.

We were in the Pacific Northwest to spend Christmas with my husband’s family, and after a four-year hiatus, it felt good to be back.

This part of the country is so different from our home in Colorado. It’s a land of evergreens peeking through cloaks of misty fog, tree trunks lined with rich velvety moss, seagulls and ferry crossings, totem poles, brilliantly colored rainbows, and winter green.

After our dry, dusty autumn and early winter, I reveled in all the green. Researchers that study such things, suggest that the color green evokes relaxation. That certainly was true for me on this trip. I didn’t’ mind the damp, rainy days at all. I loved seeing the foggy mountains and pansies and flowering kale still blooming. The moisture was exactly what my body needed.

In the spring, I am so starved for the first shoots of green to peek through the pasture. If the green of spring is lighter, more yellow and tender, the winter green of the northwest is rich, almost emerald like.

Do you associate certain colors with geographic locations? And do colors evoke moods for you?

Please tell me I’m not the only one!