Jayne's Christmas Tree (courtesy of Pat Stoltey and Jayne)

In an earlier post this week, I wrote about Christmas cards and asked where you stand on sending them. Thank you, as always, for reading and offering your comments.


Around the same time, a friend and writing colleague Patricia Stoltey shared a holiday update on her blog that she’d received from her longtime friend Jayne.


It was exactly the kind of connection I believe we all hunger for.


Jayne described her day-to-day life, the things she and her husband are doing for the holidays, and included an update on family members. There wasn’t anything spectacular or glamorous. She didn’t feel the need to embellish her life to make it seem more interesting.


She told of Christmas trees, poinsettias, snow, her mother, and going to get pickles and pies. She added a bit of Indiana history for good measure.


And even though I don’t know Jayne, I was drawn in to her story. It was comforting and entertaining at the same time. It was a slice of life from the Heartland of Indiana. Make sure to follow this link to Patricia’s blog and read the entire letter. It will make you smile.


One part of the letter that really caught my attention was information about the Courthouse Girls of Farmland.


Apparently a group of women from the Indiana communities of Winchester and Farmland weren’t happy with a county plan to tear down the historic courthouse and replace it with a new building. They organized themselves into a protest, and to fund the restoration of the building they posed nude for a calendar. Did I mention they were all at minimum seventy years young?

Well, they were!

It made national news and the calendars sold like proverbial hotcakes.

As Jayne said in her letter, “Just goes to show that women are powerful and creative.”

Amen to that sister.

Give yourself a treat on this busy day and follow the link to their website. It will remind you of so many of the good things in life. The things we sometimes forget as we get swallowed up by our to-do lists, meetings, priorities, have-to’s and everything else that steals our time and our lives.


Thanks to Pat for giving me permission to tell you about her wonderful post, and to Jayne for helping me remember how to write a holiday letter.

Now I’d better get busy!