I pulled out my Peace Now photo for the season.

Wednesdays With Mija


I used to engage in wild abandoned plan with nearly anything that caught my attention. I’d chase a wad of paper down the hall and carry it back in my mouth as if I were a retriever.

I loved those little crinkly Mylar balls and would endlessly bat them along the hardwood floor.

And anything dusted or filled with catnip could entertain me for at least thirty minutes, which is LONG in cat time.

Back in the day I’d sit on the stairs and peer between the banister posts, batting at a cotton ball on a string. I think my peeps liked that game as much as I did.

These days I’ve slowed down a bit. It comes with being a grimalkin (a female cat of a “certain age.”) I have a touch of arthritis and just don’t move as fast as I once did.


I still visit my toy basket, but mostly now I choose a favorite mouse or bird and carry it all over the house. There’s not so much running, chasing, or skidding along the hardwood floor anymore. I’ve become more sedate as would befit my position as Wise Cat of the House.


So as I made out my Christmas list this week, it was smaller than in earlier years. Here’s what I’d like under the tree:

  1. More long, leisurely afternoons with my peeps where we cuddle and nap together
  2. Increasing my daily massage to twice daily (Hey a girl can ask!)
  3. An automatic sliding glass patio door that opens and closes from my thought waves
  4. An endless supply of fish flakes
  5. A subscription to Netflix so my peeps will spend more time sitting with me
  6. A handyman and cook so my peeps can spend more time sitting with me
  7. A big win in the lottery so my peeps can spend more time sitting with me


I know this is a long list and more than a little self-serving. If I had to choose only one item from the list, it would be the first one.

More time with my family.

Come to think of it – wouldn’t that be a good gift for everyone  –  feline and human?