Wednesdays With Mija

My peeps went away last weekend and I must say, I wasn’t all that thrilled about being left with a babysitter – er…cat sitter.

She was nice enough, I guess, but she didn’t know all of my routines.

Even though I’m quite certain I heard each one being explained in detail.

Fish flakes when I first wake up.


A little sniff of air on the deck in the morning.


Leave the toilet seat up so I can have cold water. (Sorry but it’s true.)


Dinner no later than 6 PM.


Lap time while we watch a movie or several television shows.


I really did hear all of this being described, but I’ve come to believe that you just can’t trust cat sitters. Once they have the run of the house, they do just as they please.

Is it cat sitters I’m talking about, or cats?

Sometimes I get confused.


Yesterday she came back to the house to get some of her things she’d forgotten. I wasn’t happy to see her. In fact, I was afraid she might be back to stay. I gave her a long, slow, stink eye just to let her know she wasn’t welcome.

Sorry to be rude, but I am a cat. And I know exactly what I like.

How do you handle cat sitters?

I could use some pointers.