As predicted, my bah-humbug mood got a jolt of “ain’t life grand?” once I got in the car, drove for ten hours and spent a couple of days with our adorable grandson. And his parents. Can’t leave them out because they are just as adorable. There is nothing like new parents to remind you about wonder.


We were celebrating a first birthday and it was a startling reminder of just how quickly time passes. In twelve short months, Mr. Cuteness has grown up. He walks, interacts with everyone around him, plays, wears shoes, wears jeans, eats birthday cake, has a fondness for hummus, lights up like a Fourth of July bottle rocket every time he sees his parents, giggles, studies his world, flirts and is a little beacon of joy to everyone around him.


So far he’s had three birthday celebrations and I expect he’ll have one more for good measure. He had cake with his grandparents in Louisiana over Thanksgiving. He had cake with his Colorado grandparents and flaming ice cream at a posh restaurant in Kansas City. Not bad for one year on the planet.


Through it all, I remembered how important it is to celebrate life.

All the time.

Every day.

I sometimes let the day-to-day challenges of my life get to me. I become tired, cranky and mired in details that in the long run won’t matter a bit.

I forget to celebrate.

And there is always something to celebrate.

On the drive to Kansas we saw an awe-inspiring sunset, golden fields glinting in the late afternoon sun, more hawks than I could count, and frost-covered windmills.


And a baby who has now advanced to the toddler category. When I look into his face I see glimpses of my father and my son. I see brown eyes big as chocolate pools – a contribution from his Cajun side of the family.

I see history and the future all wrapped up in one amazing bundle of energy.

And for that I am unbelievably grateful.

So celebrate, every day. The big things and the little things, the minutia that perhaps you don’t even notice. Celebrate all of it, because it’s your life. Your one and only precious life.

And it goes by so quickly.