When I drove up to the gate I noticed another car parked outside the fence. Beside it was a sorrel horse nose deep in a grain pan, happily munching away. As I got closer I saw that it was Amigo. I should have known since the rest of the herd of oldsters was lined up along the fence.

I uttered a quick hallelujah, thrilled that Amigo was getting some attention. I greeted Amigo and his keeper, and then set out the grain pans for our two old sweeties.

As Bud and Pepper snarfed up grain, Amigo’s keeper and I had a great conversation. It turns out Amigo is only sixteen years old. He’s a youngster, a kid. He could easily run the herd, but he yields to Red.

Amigo and Bud are fast friends. I often see the two of them hanging out with each other, a little apart from everyone else. Amigo’s keeper said that she’d had an offer to board him at a different facility. It would have saved her money and been more convenient.

But she refused.

Amigo is with his friends and she won’t move him.

We feel the same.

The core of this little herd – Bud, Pepper, Amigo and Red has been together for years. They are family. They watch out for each other. I love that. And the keepers watch out for each other’s horses. I like that too.

It made me think about my own herd – my tribe and how comforted I am by having them in my life. Friends are important to me. They help me feel connected, and part of something larger than myself. Friends help me be me. They help me feel safe in the world.

Speaking of friends, I think every writer’s fairy godmother might be Patricia Stoltey. She is one of those rock solid, no nonsense people who always has a kind word, a good idea, someone for you to talk to, or a new resource to check out. I feel blessed to have her in my corner.

She recently gifted me with the irresistible blog award. You can see the award to the right. I am touched deeply and warmed beyond words. Check out her blog and her books. Thank you Pat.

So what about you? Do you have a herd – a tribe? How do friends fit into your life? Let me end with this question: What have you done to be a friend today?


Blessings for the weekend. You’ve become part of my tribe too. Thanks so very much!